Singing About the “Disco Institute”

Musician Andrew Fox has a fantastic new song out called “Disco Institute” — Can you guess the inspiration…? 🙂

It’s catchy, awesome, and the only party song I’ve ever heard that mocks intelligent Design and the people who perpetuate bad science.

Here are a couple excerpts from the lyrics:

Shut your mind off,
Toss it down that chute!
The dance, you’ll find,
has been designed
at the Disco Institute!

Some lyrics come from the perspective of the Discovery Institute itself 🙂

What’s the point of thinkin’
If you don’t know how to feel?
What’s the point of science
If it only shows what’s real?

All around the nation,
The dance is getting strong.
We’re talkin’ ’bout Creation,
How can that be wrong?


The eponymous EP is $5 and the single is $1. It’s well worth it, considering you’ll be singing that one song over and over.

As Andrew says:

They’ll be the first atheists on the block to own the sexiest song ever written about Michael Behe.

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  • Liokae

    Any relation to Toby Fox? :3