The Damon Scholarship

Just a quick note: Because an article discussing the Damon Fowler situation is going to be published in the next couple days, I’ve extended the time people can make their donations to the end of the month (instead of on Friday). Hope that’s ok!

I’ve talked to Damon and his brother and we’ve figured out a way to handle the funds, too. That answer (and more) will be up on this site tomorrow when I post an interview with the brothers :)

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  • Rich Wilson

    I’ve been meaning to point out that nowhere have I seen any indication that Damon is even going to college. Maybe he his, maybe he isn’t. Some people might care. Personally, what I pitched in is his. He can use it to buy a bible for all I care. But some people might care.

  • Susi

    Does it really matter if he doesn’t choose to go college? His family has disowned him, he’s just relocated and people want to support him through what has been an incredibly difficult ordeal. He is representative of what will make this movement a success and I personally think he deserves every penny he gets.