Archives for May 31, 2011

Jen McCreight on Savage Love Podcast

In case you missed it, Jen McCreight joined Dan Savage on this week’s Savage Love podcast! They talked about G-spots, female ejaculation, and why Dan needs to be more skeptical in the future. Well done, Jen! [Read more…]

An Atheist, a PhD Project, $10000, and an Online Poll

Andrew James Latham is a Master’s student at the University of Auckland and a “budding cognitive neuroscientist.” For his PhD, he’s trying to start up a research program to look at “the cognitive and neural correlates of both religiosity, morality and the interaction between them.” Religion and morality are synonymous concepts to many people. Research [Read More…]

How to Not Attract the Babes

The women in our movement aren’t asking a lot. Those of us who are aware of the sexism need to call it out when we see it and do everything we can to not add to the problem. If we say or do something wrong — and I’ll be the first to admit I’m guilty [Read More…]

The Trapped Christian Woman

Hey look! It’s a woman trapped by Christianity: David Hayward explains: Even though we might agree with the idea of a mutual submission, these selected words have been turned into words of servitude and slavery. They are being used to confine her, control her and keep her. Even the cross, which might be used as [Read More…]

The Holy Foreskin Obsession

Bart Centre is the man getting all sorts of press — again — for his Eternal Earth-Bound Pets service, where (for a fee) he promises to take care of your pets after the Rapture. Brilliant. His latest book (under the alias “Dromedary Hump”) is called The Atheist Camel Rants Again! Bart’s giving away a free [Read More…]