Atheist Film Festival in Manitoba, Canada

The Humanist Association of Manitoba is hosting the Second Annual Manitoban Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists (MASH) film festival on August 14th!

Here’s a trailer:

More information about the event — location, movies, times — can be found here.

(Thanks to Dorothy for the link!)

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  • We especially need this right now, since pretty much every local school division still illegally makes kids recite the Lord’s Prayer every morning, unless their parents opt them out ahead of time.

    Kudos to the people running this, I wish I was going to be in town!

  • JB

    And one more:

    Let’s find those missing apostrophes.


  • Jeffrey Olsson

    Thanks for posting this on your website! We had a complete sell out last year, and hope to have good attendance again this year.

    Tell your “missing apostrophes” friend to relax, there is no god of the apostrophes to answer to.

    Jeffrey Olsson