Atheists in Tulsa Clean Up a Highway

The Atheist Community of Tulsa have adopted their own stretch of highway in Oklahoma and several of them were out there Sunday taking care of it:

More photos are here.

I love how atheists groups across the country have participated in these Adopt-a-Highway programs. It’s easy to do, gets their name out there, and provides a useful public service. It’s yet another argument against religious people who think atheists are incapable of doing good.

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  • http://www.raisingfreethinkers.com Bee

    Yay, Tulsa!! I had no idea this group existed! There aren’t many resources or social circles for atheists in Tulsa. Headed to their MeetUp site now. Thanks for sharing!

  • KeithLM

    But don’t they know that every time an atheist group adopts a highway a Cyrus daughter gets sold to Disney?

  • Todd

    Anyone know where that is? Can’t recognize it. I-44 maybe?

  • mswa

    Awesome! I’m awaiting my region’s application in the mail to send off for our group’s stretch of highway to clean!

  • http://www.actok.org William Poire


    Highway 169 northbound between 21st St and Admiral. The sign is just before the 21st St exit.

  • http://amandamccarter.wordpress.com Amanda McCarter

    It’s Hwy 169 between Admiral and 21st. We would have been out, but we’ve got family in the hospital that we were visiting that afternoon. Love how active the group is!

  • Trace

    I bet most of that trash was littered by theists. Thanks Tulsa godless ones.

  • http://stevebowen58.blogspot.com Atheist MC

    now, would it be tooooo petty to start measuring who’s got the cleanest bit of highway? O,k yeah it would, ignore me.

  • http://thingsfindothinks.com AndrewFinden

    It’s yet another argument against religious people who think atheists are incapable of doing good.

    I’ve honestly never heard a theist make that claim – but then, I don’t live in the USA, and most of my Christian recognise that belief is not required to ‘be good’.

  • http://hoverFrog.wordpress.com hoverfrog

    It is good to see any group who are socially motivated and willing to put in a little work to clean up.