Atheists in Tulsa Clean Up a Highway

The Atheist Community of Tulsa have adopted their own stretch of highway in Oklahoma and several of them were out there Sunday taking care of it:

More photos are here.

I love how atheists groups across the country have participated in these Adopt-a-Highway programs. It’s easy to do, gets their name out there, and provides a useful public service. It’s yet another argument against religious people who think atheists are incapable of doing good.

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  • Bee

    Yay, Tulsa!! I had no idea this group existed! There aren’t many resources or social circles for atheists in Tulsa. Headed to their MeetUp site now. Thanks for sharing!

  • KeithLM

    But don’t they know that every time an atheist group adopts a highway a Cyrus daughter gets sold to Disney?

  • Todd

    Anyone know where that is? Can’t recognize it. I-44 maybe?

  • mswa

    Awesome! I’m awaiting my region’s application in the mail to send off for our group’s stretch of highway to clean!

  • Todd,

    Highway 169 northbound between 21st St and Admiral. The sign is just before the 21st St exit.

  • It’s Hwy 169 between Admiral and 21st. We would have been out, but we’ve got family in the hospital that we were visiting that afternoon. Love how active the group is!

  • Trace

    I bet most of that trash was littered by theists. Thanks Tulsa godless ones.

  • now, would it be tooooo petty to start measuring who’s got the cleanest bit of highway? O,k yeah it would, ignore me.

  • It’s yet another argument against religious people who think atheists are incapable of doing good.

    I’ve honestly never heard a theist make that claim – but then, I don’t live in the USA, and most of my Christian recognise that belief is not required to ‘be good’.

  • It is good to see any group who are socially motivated and willing to put in a little work to clean up.