Atheist Billboard in Columbus Gets Relocated

I posted earlier about how Dylan Galos‘ billboard was taken down because it had been placed on church property:

The billboard has now been relocated.

The billboard… has been relocated to East Main St., west of Alum Creek Dr., facing west.

Good — Looks like there’s more traffic in that area, anyway, at least compared to where it used to be…

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  • Ibis

    I can be good without God, but not without Timmy’s.

  • anonymous

    Iced Capps… Yummy.

    (just kidding)

  • Barbara

    I went to the church myself to see if it was on the property. It appears they cleaned the parking lot up since I stopped and took a few photos. I saw a couple people heading into the church and tried to say hello and asked if they would talk to me, but I think seeing the camera they just shook their heads no and went inside.
    It was an adventure. That is a fairly bad area. Interesting enough, the church is a former bar. 😉

  • keystothekid

    I’ll have to make sure and drive by this so I can smile proudly…before it’s vandalized.

  • hoverfrog


    Interesting enough, the church is a former bar.

    We have the exact opposite trend in the UK. We do have a reputation for godless drunken behaviour though.