Ricky Gervais Is Writing a TV Show About An Atheist in Heaven

Comedian Ricky Gervais is in the process of writing a TV show called Afterlife about an atheist who finds himself in heaven…



[Gervais and former Dexter showrunner Clyde Phillips] are writing the pilot episode now and plan to film in early 2012, though no studio is yet attached. Gervais will take a cameo role.

I’m all for more Ricky Gervais and we could always use another popular TV show starring an atheist character (House, M.D. isn’t enough!), though I’m not sure how this concept would last more than an episode or two. It sounds more like a Saturday Night Live sketch than a series designed to last a full season (or more).

I’ll make this prediction, though: no major network will pick up the show. It’s probably for the better — HBO or Showtime will give the creators far more flexibility and creativity to develop the show as they wish. The networks would try to dumb it down for the American audience with its religious sensitivities.

(Thanks to Rainbowfishymike for the link)

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