Help Build Secular Centres Across Canada

The Centre For Inquiry in Canada has a nifty offer from a donor. If they can raise $300,000 by the end of September, the donor will chip in $200,000 — all going toward establishing physical buildings for freethinkers across the country. (They’ve raised nearly $100,000 so far. In Canadian money, no less!)

Think of all those people who don’t have atheist literature in their homes (or libraries), who live in religious homes and can’t speak freely about religion, who never get the chance to hear any of the variety of talks on religion we’re used to hearing on so many college campuses. That’s why you want to support them.

I’ve been to the Centre in Toronto. There are stacks of book and magazines lining the walls, waiting to be checked out, and computer desks set up so that the centre can be the hub for local activism. I compare that to Chicago, where most of our local skeptic/Meetup groups have to find a bar, restaurant, or rental space to meet in every time we want to get together. It would be pretty amazing to have a building nearby…

If you live in Canada, or if you support spreading freethought there, consider donating.

(via Canadian Atheist)

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  • Anonymous

    This is awesome! I will definitely be donating!
    But, ahem, Hemant, must I point out that the Canadian dollar has actually been valued higher than the US dollar since the beginning of the year? 😉

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I think he was aware. The “In Canadian money, no less!” implies that having made that much in C$ was more impressive, meaning he knew the dollar was worth more. 😉

  • Anonymous

    This article does no good to the “Atheism is not a religion” crowd.