After a Catholic Priest Molested Your Brother, Can There Be Justice?

David Margolick has just released a short book (a Kindle Single) called A Predator Priest, a candid look at the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals through the story of one priest and the family he destroyed.

Is anyone surprised to hear that it’s a true story…?

… Margolick [tells] the tale of Father Bernard Bissonnette, a remorseless priest whose victims included one Tommy Deary. Deary’s eventual suicide provoked his family to pursue Bissonnette through a wake of victims that crossed the United States and spanned decades, despite the Church’s repeated efforts to deal with Bissonnette by simply transferring him to new parishes, where — time and again — he found new victims and in some cases, even collaborators.

When you hear about things like the Cloyne Report, it’s so overwhelming that you can’t even fathom it. So many priests, so many victims, how can you even make sense of all the emotional and physical damage the Church leaders caused?

But when it’s this personal, it’s hard to ignore. It hits that much closer to home.

(Thanks to Rike for the link)

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  • Mark

    I think its appalling that he was simply transferred between parishes. The clergy needs to realize that they are not exempt from the law. The responsible thing to do would be to have him arrested, register him as a sex offender, and eject him from the catholic faith. There is no excuse for his actions. I have an old teacher who was kicked out of the clergy for having an affair with a 15 year old. But he was not criminally charged and went on to become my civics teacher. The fact that the catholic church has the gall not to report this to the authorities makes me sick.

  • Heidi

    Why don’t Catholics rise up en masse and tell the church that they won’t tolerate this anymore? Do they not care that people automatically associate priests with pedophilia? Do they not care that these people have unrestricted access to their children?

  • Renshia

    The horrible results of being trained to listen without questioning.

  • Mark

    I wouldnt even call it that, i would call it to training to be passive

  • It is my understanding that the Church considers it a very serious sin to provide cover for someone’s sins so that they’re not discovered or put a stop to. Go figure.

  • Oh, the priests aren’t pedophiles, the Catholic church is just being “persecuted”… *gag*

  • Will Bishop

     Stockholm syndrome, maybe?