A Bible in the Doctor’s Office

Reader Kim sent this email:

I work as an adult case manager and while I was out accompanying two separate clients to office visits (one doctor and one dental) I came across these. It is completely unprofessional for them to have ANY kind of religious material in the waiting area and if I wasn’t there in a professional capacity I would have stated so. For the sake of my job and making nice, I said nothing but quickly snapped these pictures.

(I added red arrows… because, you know, why not?)

I’m not sure what the purpose of having those in the office would be. If anything, it doesn’t strike me as a business-savvy move, since it might alienate potential clients. Then again, maybe it’s like a business card for Christians — “Come to me! You’ll feel like Jesus is operating on you!”

What would you do in this situation if you were the patient?

Let’s assume the doctor and dentist aren’t proselytizing while they work on you because that’s a separate issue.

To those who think this is a non-issue, I’d also ask: Would you feel the same way if you saw a Koran in the office?

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