Hail to the ChieFSM

Pastafarians have a new hymn!

As Prophet Bobby Henderson says:

Who can resist accepting information as Truth when it’s set against delightful music and animation? I think all good propaganda straddles the boundary between happy and creepy.

(via Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster)

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  • Jarppu

    That zombie at the end looked a lot like the Mutant Enemy monster. Grrrr….Arrrrgh!

  • http://LosingMyReligion.ca Chad Kettner


  • http://dramatic-exaggeration.blogspot.com/ WhiteJM

    Welp, this is stuck in my head now…

  • Rmurchshafer

    OMG that was great.  I had to keep the volume way down though since I’m at work at a Jesuit University.  The RAmen at the end was very cool.

  • http://kpharri.wordpress.com/ Keith

    Excuse me being the music geek here, but I just couldn’t get beyond the first few lines of the song – they should really have tried to get a better singer.

  • http://LosingMyReligion.ca Chad Kettner

    Creepiness was part of the fun.

  • Ben


  • arrrghhhh

    I watched that creepy video a half an hour ago and the tune has been stuck in my head ever since.  Yipes…. Better go listen to Weezer or something super catchy to get that tune unstuck.