American Atheists Names New Military Director

Americans Atheists named Army Sergeant Justin Griffith their new Military Director, taking over the now-retired First Sergeant Kathleen Johnson (who is now AA’s vice-president).

It’s a smart choice — very few people have done more to get the lack of Humanist chaplains and the discrimination of military atheists in the media than Griffith has. Of course, we also know him as the person responsible for the Rock Beyond Belief concert which was halted by military officials earlier this year.

You can read about Sgt. Griffith’s first act in his new role here.

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  • bigjohn756

    I still cannot figure out what a Humanist chaplain is. I have never seen a Humanist chapel. Maybe someone can think up a less nonsensical term.

  • Congratulations.  We need more people stirring up the military bureaucracy. Give them Hell Sergeant!

  • Baldanders

    I’m an atheist, and I support this, but that’s a pretty douchey sign.  There are at least 16 Chaplains on the Vietnam Memorial wall.  My dad’s unit’s Chaplain was killed in Korea and I would imagine many more killed in WWII.  I know one was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2010.  

  • anyone else read the headline as “American Atheists Names New Military Dictator”

    caused me to do a double take