Early Registration Deadline for the Midwest Humanist and Freethought Conference

For anyone interested in going to the 2011 Midwest Humanist and Freethought Conference (and who wouldn’t be) held August 12th-14th, the early registration deadline is next Friday! (Students have a sweet rate of $20 for the whole weekend.)

You can see the list of speakers here — Holy crap, I’m talking first thing Saturday morning?! Better not give my talk about math education… — and take note that we’re eating at Herman Cain‘s pizza chain on Friday night 🙂

To anyone who says all the big conferences take place on the east or west coast, here’s the remedy. Attend so more events like this can be put together!

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  • Reginald Selkirk

    You might want to mention the location.

  • Totally bummed that we can’t go – but we plan on going to Skepticon IV!!

  • Patricia

    Math: incredibly hard to do early in the morning. Even in your class. 

  • Bacopa

    Much cheaper than the upcoming Texas Freethought Convention. Of course, they aren’t going to have Dawkins, PZ, Tyson, and The HItch if he’s healthy enough. And there’s a revolving restaurant too, though not much to see as the hotel is hemmed in by larger skyscrapers built after the hotel was. I’m not even sure they spin it anymore.