Seth MacFarlane Event… Re-Rescheduled!

In case you don’t remember the backstory, the Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy is giving their Humanist of the Year award to Family Guy and American Dad! creator Seth MacFarlane.

The date for the event changed a couple different times (including once after tickets had already begun to sell) — which is frustrating and (perhaps) inevitable when you’re dealing with such a big-name celebrity… but there’s a new date on the calendar, so let’s hope it sticks.

It’s Saturday, October 15th. Tickets will go on sale in September.

Keep your fingers uncrossed. Or something like that.

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  • Daniel Lafave

    I’m torn because I think this would be fun, but it would also require listening to Greg Epstein talk about himself and why he is so awesome.

  • I had actually forgotten about this. Good thing to point people to when they express surprise at Seth being involved in the so-called “Cosmos” reboot.

  • Stephen Goeman

    If you watch the videos on youtube of past HCH events (Stephen Fry, Joss Whedon, Mythbusters…) you can see that Greg (surprisingly) doesn’t talk about himself at all: rather he introduces the topic at hand and why it is relevant to Humanism. 😛

    I know that everybody’s been working real hard to get this event in order and working around MacFarlane’s schedule hasn’t been easy- here’s hoping it turns out to be another stellar event.

  • Sarah

    They’re still giving it to that tool? A bleak day for humanism.