The Musical Version of The Selfish Gene

Yep. Richard Dawkinsclassic book has somehow/strangely/seriously been turned into a musical and it’s opening today.

Jonathan Salway has a background in theatre, not biology, but when he read Dawkins’s book, the clarity of writing, the fascinating subject matter and even the humour so inspired him that he felt compelled to transform it into musical comedy and set about dissecting the book to write script and songs with the help of fellow writer Dino Kazamia and music by Richard Macklin.

In the show a fusty Oxford professor, played by Salway, tries to lecture the audience on the fundamentals of evolutionary theory. Meanwhile, the Adamson family share the stage, going about their daily trials of life, unwittingly providing examples of the points he’s making. He frequently interrupts and explains to them why they’re feeling and behaving the way they are, and sporadically gets involved in their lives along the way.

I need to see this. Now. But someone needs to buy me a ticket to Edinburgh quickly because it closes next week.

(via godlessgirl)

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  • Demonhype

    I have to admit, I’m curious.  I wonder if anyone will post this to Youtube or something.  I really hope so!

  • Wayne Hacker

    Canadian rational rapper Baba Brinkman has been performing a show Rap Guide to Evolution for a year or two. He is currently performing it in NYC. You can hear the music here

    Besides Evolution he raps about atheism, classic literature, human behavior, the environment, and politics.