Videos from the Oklahoma Freethought Convention

The Oklahoma Freethought Convention took place at the very end of July and some of the videos are now available. The quality is *fantastic*, better than most speaking videos I’ve seen. Here are the videos up so far:

Dr. William Morgan talking about his journey from Faith to Agnosticism:

Abbie Smith talking about evolution and vaccines:

TheThinkingAtheist talking about challenging faith claims:

Aron-Ra talking about what people believe:

Matt Dillahunty talking about changing minds:

I haven’t had a chance to watch the videos yet, so if any parts stand out, please leave the speaker’s name and timestamp in the comments!

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  • tommyru/denbutsu

    Thanks for spreading the word about these videos. I’ve watched them all, and they’re all great. A humble suggestion: you should probably give props to the Thinking Atheist for recording, editing, and publishing the videos.

  • Rbray18

    awww man,i live in Oklahoma and i had no clue this was taking place. least i can watch the videos,may be for the best any ways. i have poor eyesight no money and not much for transportation so if i managed to see it live i probably wouldn’t see much 

  • Ash Lux

    I’m sorry you missed it. The turnout was good (300+).  There will be another one next year (this year it was Tulsa so maybe OKC next year). Admission was an affordable $10.

  • Rbray18

    well,it being in tulsa would a made it far too expensive for me to go gas wise anyways,maybe next year since i live in mid west city.

  • Ash Lux

    Have you

  • Anonymous

    I really like seeing this in Tulsa. I grew up there in the “rapture ready” 1970’s, and from hindsight I wish I could have joined an atheist group in my teens just to have some sane people to talk to.

    I hope more children in Tulsa can grow up as atheists now. I’ve met a few people who had that sort of good fortune in other parts of the world, and to me they seem like characters from an advanced civilization out of science fiction.

  • Thanks for posting all of these Hemant! Thanks to Seth / The Thinking Atheist for recording, editing and putting them to YouTube. Obviously, thanks to all of the speakers and organizers, etc. Lots of steps, but I really glad it’s all being done.

    Looks like it was a good conference.

  • Anonymous

    The Thinking Atheist does a great job. I rarely listen to the podcasts (in fact, I think I’ve only ever listened to one) because podcasts aren’t really my thing, but the rest of the content on their channel has always been top notch.

  • Surgoshan

    Irony: An ad for Christian Mingle dot com coming up at the start of the Dillahunty video.