Well Played, New York Times

Just in case there was anyone who thought otherwise, the caption writers at the New York Times set the record straight:

(via @mtracey)

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  • Guest

    Heh I was just going to ask why was that post relevant to the blog but then I saw the small caption on the bottom. Real nice :)

  • http://www.laughinginpurgatory.com/ Andrew Hall

    As a worshipper of Thor,  I am insulted that the NYT has the audacity to state that the hand of  the Thunderer had nothing to do with this.

  • Daniel Brown

    I can’t believe it’s getting even MORE expensive to get into NY! Geeeez! I had to drive into Long Island a few weeks ago, and it meant taking two bridges and the NJ Turnpike. That drive cost us a FORTUNE! We had to pay both ways and we had to pay for gas… the whole thing was a total financial nightmare – and we didn’t even go into Manhattan! More and more it’s turning into a theme park for rich adults. Pay an alarming amount to get in, and pay just as much to do anything in New York while you’re there – that includes parking your car.