Link to the Web Discussion from Earlier Tonight

Earlier tonight, I participated in a discussion at a website called RaftUps. The moderator Tom Diffenbach asked questions, I answered them, and guests were able to have a conversation (and ask their own questions) via a chatroom. I’ve never done an interview like that before; it was a pretty cool experience with a lot of interaction — we might even try it again soon.

If you’d like to see how it went, the link to the “video” of the class is here.

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  • Scott

    I enjoyed the “classroom”.  Wanted to mention in re. the survey that showed tea party more hated than atheists.
    some years ago on an episode of Roseanne the family was involved with a bowling league and were sure to come in last place. Don’t remember why but somehow for the fist time ever their team won the final game and were not the perennial last place losers, then the team broke out in a chant singing “there’s someone worse than us”  Hilarious”