So That’s How He Does It…

Jesus knew all sorts of amazing magic tricks:

That one’s almost as good as his other tricks:

Next thing you know, they’re gonna say Jesus didn’t even walk on water!


(Cartoon by ndikol — via Reddit)

"The choices now are brilliant astrophysicist or preacher."

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  • yayasisterhood

    cavalcade..not family guy

  • Conspirator

    In the Family Guy episode where Stewie met himself from the future his future self said he’d traveled back in time to see Jesus and he wasn’t that amazing, and that’s what this clip is from.  You can see the back of future Stewie’s head in the shot.  

  • Chriss

  • Lesle Alvarado

    Is it just me, or does that Jesus in the video sorta look like Dave Silverman?

  • Keith

    I think Rowan Atkinson does it best.

  • Sambricky

    Wow how’d he do that. I think I will follow him for the rest of my life.