‘Anti-Science’: a Rap Song About Atheism

Here’s a new song by atheist rapper Tombstone Da Deadman (some NSFW lyrics). Tombstone previous sang “Beyond Reason.”

My favorite lines:

Labeled an atheist but I don’t need a lexicon
To find a word that signifies I don’t believe in leprechauns.

I also like the Sam Harris interlude — If only they could get him to rap, he’d be like a white version of Lil Jon. I guess we’ll just have to settle for the autotuned versions of him for now.

You can download the song for $1 at this site and show your support!

(Thanks to J D for the link!)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/d3st88 Morva Ádám

    Tombstone Da Deadman is a cool guy. I loved his Beyond Reason track.

  • http://nathandst.blogspot.com NathanDST

    I’ve always loved the style and form of rap music, but have detested many of the lyrics and subject matter. Thus, I’m glad to see artists like this and Baba Brinkman emerging. Here’s hoping they have much success. 

  • guest

    I just “liked” his facebook page and just found the Beyond Reason track, too.  This rapper is a breath of fresh air!  (and this is not nothing coming from me –  50 year old classical music fan. :)  I hope he goes far!

  • http://twitter.com/TortugaSkeptic A secret red slider

    I’m with Nathan, I love rap, but there is so little out there with good lyrics.  Greydon is all over my mp3 player, but this could be fun on the elliptical too.

  • http://nathandst.blogspot.com NathanDST

    Who’s Greydon?

  • Anonymous Atheist

    Greydon Square, another atheist rapper.  :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greydon_Square

  • http://nathandst.blogspot.com NathanDST

    Took a listen on YouTube, and I’m loving this guy! Thank you!

    Tomorrow, a hunt for the lyrics so my poor not-so-auditory brain can pick up on what it’s missing. 

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Greydon is working on a new album. I’ve had the privilege to live chat with him. Was pretty cool to talk to him in real time.