Sean Faircloth’s Upcoming Book

Sean Faircloth, Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America, has a book coming out in early 2012! It’s called Attack of the Theocrats! How the Religious Right Harms Us All — and What We Can Do About It. I’ve only seen the cover but I’m already excited — sorry for the blurry image but it’s the best one I could find:

The foreword is written by Richard Dawkins and a preview of the content can be found at Pitchstone Publishing’s website.

Obviously, more information on this book will be coming soon…

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  • He might need to add a chapter about Perry. 

  • Potco

    Is that guy on the right Stephan Colbert?
    I can’t wait to read this, I heard him speak at the Texas Freethought Convention last year and spoke to him afterwards, he is very powerful and persuasive.

  • Canadian Atheist, eh!

    Looks like Huckabee to me, Potco. But let’s be honest — that cover is going to get him pilloried. No doubt it’s ironic, but do we really expect its subjects to get that? It will make “us” look as deranged as “them.” Shame.

  • I do a fair amount of reading, and I’ve never heard of this publisher. I can’t say I  like the cover design, either. It looks amateurish to me. The caricatures and the title come across as silly, and if I saw it in a bookstore, I’d think it belonged in the humor section.

  • The book hasn’t been released yet, and I hope someone prevails upon the publishers to CHANGE THAT GODAWFUL COVER AND TITLE!  The 1950’s sci fi movie spoof implies that we should not take seriously the prospect of an American theocracy. We definitely should take it very seriously. It’s a very real and very imminent possibility.  We will not fare well in such a place.

    “Oh that could never happen here” has been said many times in history, usually just before whatever was the nightmare did happen.

  • Charles Black

    Looks like this book will be censored by the Christian Theocrats if they get their way.
    They are public enemy #1 of humanity.