Supporting the Rhode Island ACLU and Jessica Ahlquist

One of the younger activists in our community, Jessica Ahlquist, is going to be honored at the 2011 Rhode Island ACLU Annual Dinner Celebration.

Jessica is the high school student fighting to remove a religious banner at Cranston High School West. The ACLU is defending her and this dinner is a fundraiser for them.

One of the ways they raise money is by selling ads in their program booklet (PDF). Those ads are expensive, though, so Jessica’s uncle has started a collection (via Jessica’s public Facebook page) to buy some full-page ads. If you’d like to chip in, you can send a donation via PayPal to Include your name in the memo line so proper attribution can be given.

***Edit***: There’s also a ChipIn widget you can use (if that’s easier):

You’ll be donating to a good cause!

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  • Trina

    Am on Soc. Sec. disability and unable to contribute, but they have my full support otherwise!