Cool Christopher Hitchens Poster

Reader Adrian Covert made these nifty Christopher Hitchens limited edition prints:

His suit is designed using collage from the writings of Albert Einstein, Richard Dawkins, Salman Rushdie, David Hume, Mark Twain, and John Updike. The background is designed using collage from the King James Bible and the Holy Koran.

The actual size is 18″ x 24″ — could make for a nice present for that special atheist on… um… Jesus’ birthday.

Come to think of it, Adrian’s other pieces are pretty awesome, too.

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  • Few

    There should be a smouldering  cigarette between his two fingers!

  • Tyler

    Not enough contrast in the jacket to make it stand out against the scripture background. IMO.

  • Anonymous

    You mean on Sir Isaac Newtons birthday?!

  • Rich Samuels

    Whilst Hitchens may be change we can believe in I’d prefer a different colour scheme.

  • Guest

    As a devout theist, Updike is a strange choice.

  • Heisenberg

    I’m fairly sure that Hitchen’s admired Updike’s power with words, no matter his convictions.

  • Adrian Covert


  • Adrian Covert

    A fair question. Updike was chosen because Hitchens admired his demand of the English language. Enough so, that Hitchens included a stirring chapter
    from Updike’s “Roger’s Version” in the Portable Atheist, because it brilliantly portrays the
    atheist point of view in the ‘something-from-nothing debate’, even though, like you said, Updike was a devout theist.

  • Rennyrij

    “…because Hitchens admired his demand of the English language.”

    I believe you’ll find that it was Mr. Updike’s  COMmand of the English language that Mr. Hitchens admired. 

    Good post, though. 

  • Adrian Covert

    That’s what happens when you attempt to late-night blog. :)

  • pinko

    I like it.

  • Nhills

    Huh, an atheist thing that actually has decent design, that’s weird.

  • Anonymous

    Considering Hitchens made his name through his mastery of language, it’s odd that this text-based design includes so many other peoples’ words but none of his own

  • Anonymous

    The color scheme is just atrocious. The idea is inspired; the execution is disastrous. 

  • Crommunist

    Liked it, bought it.

  • Adrian Covert

    My hero. Thanks!

  • Jason Joseph Gaudion

    Hey, look!  Free wallpaper…

  • Lyme

    Meh, Hitchens.  Many atheists think he is so wonderful, but lots of times when I have heard him, he is a misogynist asshole.