The Church of Serpents

Turns out there are only a handful of churches left in American that still handle snakes. (Besides the Catholic Church. ZING!)

They’re all in West Virginia, and even there, it’s a bit sketchy.

Kate Fowler and Mark Strandquist are putting together a documentary film called With Signs and Following in which they go into one of these churches, Lord Jesus Church, and explore the pastor and the congregation.

The Paster and Congregation are not Responsible for anyone that handles the serpent’s and get’s bit. If you get bit the church will stand by you and pray with you. And the Same goes with drinking the poision.

Paster: Harvey Payne

Who knew there was a whole congregation that spoke Parseltongue? Speaking in tongues makes waaaaay more sense now.

(via Low-Hanging Bad Apples)

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