How Can Atheist Groups Flourish in the South?

Gordon Maples is the President of the Alabama Atheists and Agnostics at the University of Alabama (in Tuscaloosa). He gave a talk at the 2011 Secular Student Alliance conference on “Expanding Your Group in Harsh Territory“… by which he means The South 🙂

Gordon also wears the greatest hat *ever* during his talk. Check it out!

If anything, check out the 5:30 mark for the chalkings they drew on campus. Beautiful!

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  • Grady

    Great picture.  The overweight slob as a symbol of atheism.


  • Anonymous

    What an unnecessarily rude comment.

  • Anonymous

    The key to success for any group is advertising and getting your message out there. If you’re effective in your message, people will join.
    We must also keep in mind that a lot of people are not as involved in social groups as they once were. The book, “Bowling Alone” is a great read to learn more about this.
    I’m sure with the explosion of technology and “social media” we’re becoming more isolated and disconnected.

  • Debbie Goddard

    A person can be overweight and also be a great organizer and leader,  just as a commenter can be a sarcastic asshole and…wait, what do you contribute?