Moses Just Had Bad Eyesight

Now it all makes sense:

(via Reddit)

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  • All hail his noodly goodness!

  • Varun


  • Haha this is just soooo spot on…

  • Why atheism cannot work in the real world.

  • Formercorvguy

    What are you talking about Atheism works in the “real world” every day for well over a billion people (probably more like 2 billion). Many religious ideas are just silly, thus they get mocked on blogs like this.   
    It is the new reality hold silly beliefs and they will be challenged and mocked. The internet is great your silly beliefs will no longer go unchallenged. Get used to it and maybe start thinking about why you believe the the things you do. 

  • Trina

    This is a completely nonsensical comment.  Atheism does work in the real world; each of us who isn’t a theist is living proof.

  • Jln Francisco

    I still favor the ‘burning bush’ explanation myself.

  • I could totally believe that the FSM talked to Moses.  I mean, since when did a bush that was on fire learn to talk?  Just sayin’

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Moses was just a nutter who saw things.

  • Anonymous

    The same way snakes and donkeys talk

  • Trace

    So the Pasta Monster is responsible for the 10 Commandments?