I’m Going to South Carolina… to Talk About Math!

I’ll be speaking at the University of South Carolina (in Columbia) on Sunday night, October 9th! (When you’re a teacher in the middle of the school year, this is how you make the most of your long weekends.)

And the topic is… not atheism! Nope. We’re gonna talk about math. (Don’t run away! I promise it’ll be interesting.) Believe it or not, there’s a connection between the two worlds.

Hemant Mehta… will be visiting USC and giving an excellent talk concerning the need for MORE critical thinking in public schools, especially in math classrooms!

I appreciate how they know it’s already going to be excellent 🙂 If you need more information regarding time and room number, it’s all here.

Thanks to the Pastafarians at USC for putting this whole thing together!

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  • I have always been nonplussed by math. #MathHumor

  • Andrew Sheffield

    Columbia SC is my favorite city in the world. I hope you have a good time while you are there! It’s not the most inviting city for outsiders but I promise it has many charming aspects. If you like bars try to make it out to The Whig or the Art Bar while you are in town, both are walking distance from USC campus.

  • Kelley

    I’m partial to the Speakeasy. 🙂

  • Christina P.

    Whoo boy if there’s anything we need more of in this country’s education system (and the country as a whole), it’s a ton more critical thinking. Kudos to you!

  • The Whig is one of the most awesome bars in Columbia! I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to this talk, I might be able to make it to the last half or so. We shall see.