Blasphemous Cupcakes

Cate Laskovics, president of the Secular Alliance at the University of Pittsburgh, says her group is all ready for International Blasphemy Rights Day today.

They’re even having a Blasphemous Bake Sale on campus… with cupcakes:

Cate, I want all of those. I’ll pay you all $98324923423 of my Internet money.

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  • Trina

    A good laugh – and they look tasty!

  • Scott James Jordan

    In the words of Homer Simpson:

    “Mmmm… Sacrelicious!”

  • Anonymous

    I thought that “Lie to EVERYONE” was church doctrine.

  • Gordon Duffy

    you are thinking of “lie to yourself”

  • Brian Macker

    Well apparently now it is atheist doctrine.   Fellow atheists are handing out cupcakes  with this advice.

  • Anonymous

    So it’s interfaith then?  Meh!  I gave up lying decades ago.  I’m just not smart enough to keep track of lies and they get found out eventually.  Much better to tell the truth.  I’m happy if you pass that advice to your pastor.

  • Brian Macker


  • Anonymous

    My mistake.

  • Brian Macker

    How are those blasphemous ?   Isn’t the whole point of religion to “lie to everyone?”   Doesn’t religion teach it’s followers to “fuck” within marriage to the point of overpopulating the world?    Also merely disagreeing with religious advice doesn’t amount to blasphemy.   I don’t think that advocating masterbation counts.

    Blasphemy cupcakes would say “There is no god”, “Christianity = Zombie worship”, etc.
    It has to be sacrelgious, or profane towards god or sacred things.

     Blasphemous and quite appropriate would be to have a bake sale with
    eucharistlabeled “It’s just a cracker’.

  • Scott James Jordan

    I agree – the messages on those cupcakes aren’t blasphemy at all!  Here are some of my suggestions:

    1) Jesus Goddamned Christ on a Stick!
    2) The Holy Spirit is a donkey fart!
    3) Allah Milk-Bar!
    4) Curse you, Mum and Dad!  Against thee I rebel!
    5) Come and serve other gods with me!
    6) [a miniature drawing of Muhammad touching a pig]

    Anyone else got more?

  • Anonymous

    7)  It’s OK not to believe
    8)  The bible is just a book of mythology
    9)  Don’t obey elderly virgin men in dresses
    10) Faith is NOT a virtue

  • Anonymous

    SJJ:>>”[a miniature drawing of Muhammad touching a pig]”

    … or eating a BLT

  • Catelaskovics

    We had about 40 cupcakes, a lot of then said “there is no god”, “Zeus is a god”, etc, I just happened to take pics of these 4. But the body is a sacred thing, so to say to desecrate it with premarital sex or masturbation is profane towards the sacred.

    In any event, we are trying to have fun and be light hearted to get people on our campus interested. Masturbation sells! :p

  • Brian Macker

    So what’s the point of the “lie to everyone” cupcake?   You seem to me making the point that to blaspheme is bad since that is bad advice.

  • Mary

    “Lie to everyone” is not blasphemous. It’s just unethical, and I don’t see how promoting it looks good for us. In fact, it brings up a huge misunderstanding that we all know religious people have about us. They don’t understand how we can be moral or ethical without a god. So when they walk by and see “lie to everyone” on atheist cupcakes, it doesn’t help AT ALL. Thanks a lot.

  • Brian Macker

    Well said.

  • Chrissy Jones

    They look delicious, but not blasphemous. More…”edgy” or whatever, I guess. An opportunity squandered?

  • Larry Meredith

    Mmm… Masturbate…

  • Joshua Zelinsky

    I like the ones that involve consensual behavior a lot more than those that don’t. Lying to everyone isn’t cool. 

  • Dean Roberts

    Why would anyone want to lie to everyone?

  • Anonymous

    As an atheist, I wouldn’t know. It’s not an article of atheist dogma, if that’s what you’re thinking. Obviously from the other comments here, other atheists are puzzled by this particular slogan.

  • Anonymous

    As an atheist, I wouldn’t know. It’s not an article of atheist dogma, if that’s what you’re thinking. Obviously from the other comments here, other atheists are puzzled by this particular slogan.

  • Brian Macker

    I have no clue.   I’m an atheist.

  • Holytape

    Happy Blasphemy Day.
    The cupcakes look good, but as every knows blasphemy goes straight to your thighs. 

  • Anonymous

    Very fattening tray! Healthy eating blasphemy! Better go exercise after eating one of those babies

  • Richard Wade

    Somebody had to say “eating babies.”  😉

  • Tamara Fritz

    Way to go, Secular Alliance Pitt people! I like the ones we had with the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  • Aaron Harmon

    I like “Jesus Haploid Christ” myself.

  • Terry

    This does seem to be a wasted opporuntity and the wrong messages on the cupcakes.  Sorry, but those are profane and not blasphemous.  Theya re also just not funny either.
    Some of the blasphemous suggestions in the comments would be appropriate.

  • Anonymous

    – The World is not flat
    – Praise Darwin, Dawkins, and Ingersoll
    – Creation is not a Theory
    – Man created god in her own image
    – I attend St. Mattress with Father Pillow

  • Tom

    You people sicken me!  This is the most vile, disgusting thing I’ve ever seen!  Candy-corn-oreo-cupcakes?  Yuk!

    (OK, not quite.  Deep fried mayonnaise takes first place.)

  • thesauros

    So very typical of atheist morality.  It’s so obvious that you don’t need God to be nice people (sarcasm).