There’s Finally a Campus Atheist Group in Mississippi

Despite there being nearly 300 Student Secular Alliance affiliates across the country, there hasn’t been a single successful one in Mississippi… until now.

Enter, the Secular Student Alliance at Southern Miss, the new affiliate at the University of Southern Mississippi. It took them over five months to get officially recognized, but they were finally approved this week:

I can’t wait until this group starts holding events. Or chalks the campus. Or brings in some inevitably-controversial speakers. Can you ever imagine the kind of uproar they’re going to çreate for even suggesting that atheists can be good without god?

Nice work to everyone involved in getting this group up and running! Keep that momentum going :)

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  • Anonymous

    Best of luck to them!

  • Richard Wade

    My congratulations and good wishes. If it’s possible to do both, be bold in your activities and careful for your personal safety. 

    Why did it take over five months to finally get official recognition? Is that the usual amount of time it takes any club to go through the bureaucratic mill, or did the administration drag their feet and put up barriers?

  • Melanie Green

    Thank you! Because we submitted our application at the end of the spring semester, it was not reviewed until the beginning of the fall semester. However, it was difficult finding someone to respond to our inquiries about the status of our application. At one point, we were contacting them every day.

  • Annie

    Congrats!  Wishing them smooth sailing.

  • Nude0007

    I can hardly wait!  I hope they contact me soon.  I live here in Hattiesburg!  Yahooo! (I DON’T facebook)

  • Melanie Green

    If you haven’t already, email us at: to join our contact list so we can inform you of projects, meetings, and events.

  • Tiffany

    Hell yeah :) Glad we’re not TOTALLY behind in everything.  Oh wait…

  • Tiffany

    Hell yeah :) Glad we’re not TOTALLY behind in everything.  Oh wait…

  • Susie

    Hallelujah! Secular Student Alliance be praised. Nice going, Southern Miss. Stay strong.

  • Emster

    Wow, I’m so glad this is getting around!  Hopefully only good news will continue to come from our group :)