You’ll Want to Salute Megan Hurwitt After Watching This Video

There’s a new Foxhole Atheist — Megan Hurwitt — and the video of her induction into the Texas Army National Guard is something I’m not used to seeing:

Justin Griffith offers this transcript:

“I, your name.” I, Megan Hurwitt.

“Do solemnly swear.” Do solemnly affirm.*pause*

“To support and defend” To support and defend

“The Constitution of the United States” the Constitution of the United States,

“And the state of Texas” and the state of Texas,

“against all enemies”, against all enemies,

“foreign and domestic” foreign and domestic,


“according to regulations” according to regulations

“and laws” and laws.

“So help me god.” *crickets*

Sometimes, not saying something says more than you think.

(Thanks to Lauren for the link!)

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  • Good for her! I did the same thing myself when I swore into the Air Force back in 2002.  Although, surprisingly, the “so help me god” line never even came up when I swore into the Army National Guard, either in PA in 2008, or when I transfered to Texas in 2010. 

  • T-Rex

    Sounded like only 1 person ended with the gawd phrase. Woo hoo!

  • Anonymous

    There are two versions of the oath. You don’t actually have to say the god stuff. I guess because it was a mass ceremony, they default to the god version.

    But if it’s just you saying it, it’s possible for the person swearing you in to leave it away altogether.

  • vltava

    This is Texas, and only one person added “so help me God”.  Really gives me hope for our nation’s future.

  • Anonymous

    Honest question: what’s the reason for saying “affirm” instead of “swear”?

  • Anonymous

    I use the phrase, “So help me.”   I have never had it questioned. 
    It affirms that I am taking responsibility for the enforcement of my promise.
    And those who expect to hear “God” after that, may actually think they heard it, so they aren’t given an opportunity to be outraged.

  • Because swearing is usually meant to mean that you swear in the name of Jesus. Swearing is pretty much a Christian thing. Jews also often use “affirm” IIRC.

  • Volunteer

    Only two people were taking the oath. So by the power of math…

  • Ubi Dubium

    I’ve heard people sometimes substitute “on my honor” at the end of oaths.  I like that one.

  • Swear Def: 1. To make a solemn declaration, invoking a deity or a sacred
    person or thing, in confirmation of and witness to the honesty or truth
    of such a declaration.

  • I’m happy to be able to call Megan a friend. 🙂  Good job, sweetie!  I’m super proud of you!

  • Ronlawhouston

    It’s interesting, being a lawyer and watching people take oaths just about daily, usually it’s “swear or affirm” and probably about only 50% of the time the “so help you God” phrase is added.  Sometimes even very religious judges omit the “so help you God.”

  • When I was sworn into the Navy in 1995, we were given explicit instructions to leave off the “So help me g-d” part if we wanted to. Not one of the 5 new recruits said it.

  • Anonymous

    When I was a crew leader for the Census Bureau, I was required to swear in my enumerators to their federal office by that oath.  When I talked to my boss about it, requesting to read the alternate oath instead (omitting all of that silly swearing to deities), he told me to read the standard oath because “people will be offended by what you don’t say”.  After giving him the WTF-look, I swore in my enumerators by the alternate oath anyway.  No one complained.

  • Megan Hurwitt

    Exactly. Hi, I’m Megan Hurwitt! Vltava, the boy next to me and I were taking ARNG oaths which are different from active duty oaths. The other folks said their oaths before us, and they ALL said “So help me dog.”

  • Megan Hurwitt

    The boy next to me and I were taking ARNG oaths which are different from active duty oaths. The other folks said their oaths before us, and they ALL said “So help me dog.”

  • Megan Hurwitt

    Thanks!! <3

  • Megan Hurwitt

    Thanks, everyone, for the support! 

  • Trina

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Megan.  Take care, wherever you find yourself.

  • Ron Sly

    That is INCREDIBLE

  • Dlloyd

    You suck, megan. Atheists r not real soldiers. Too bad for you, deciever. U have to truly earn the status of “soldier”. Atheists dont count. Boo hoo for you piggy. You’re NOT a soldier, nor will u ever be. I am though! Hahahahaha