Update on Charity: Water Fundraiser

As I write this, we’ve raised $2,989 of our $5,000 goal! 71 of you have made donations. And it’s only been a week 🙂 Excellent work, but we’re not done just yet…

We’re raising the money for “drilling equipment that will bring clean water to people in Ethiopia.”

It’s not too late to chip in! Remember: Friendly Atheists love H2O, too!

Please consider making a donation 🙂

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  • I used to work for a company that makes drill rigs for well drilling. I am not familiar with this model. The company I worked for is called Schramm and they are on the cutting edge of this type of equipment. It’s a small company and they might be willing to work with you on the price to get some publicity. I don’t know. 

  • @Staks – checkout the link, and mycharitywater.org, it better explains how everything works. It’s actually this charity that organises the drilling machine(s) etc, and anyone can setup a donation fund / campaign. Very worthwhile, IMHO!

  • Most of which, about $2500, was raised in the first day alone, I might add. One more day like that, and the goal would be met.

  • Seems a little spammish to me…

  • How is it spammish? I don’t work for them anymore. They laid me off 3 years ago. I think some people are just quick to yell spam for everything. Think! It really isn’t that hard. 

  • Cool. 

  • Sonja Phillips

    they need to take paypal….

  • Anonymous

    Only $1181 to go