Your Math for the Day

Can God create a math problem so hard that even He can’t solve it? Let’s find out.

And I love this equation the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Dan Barker sent to Jerry Coyne (almost as an afterthought) in an email about religious accommodation and why science and religion are not compatible:

Here’s an equation:

Religion + Good Works = Good Works

Solve for Religion.

Subtract Good Works… carry the one… Ahhhhhhhh.

I see what he did there :)

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  • Anonymous

    An integral of a logarithm, a differential and a factorial? That doesn’t look real

  • dauntless

    That would be fine. God doesn’t solve real problems, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    God∈ℂ ∧God∉ ℝ ⇒ ___

  • Anonymous

    Extra Credit:

     Religion + Good Works = Good Works + Crusades + Slavery 

    Good Works/2 =  Good Works – 0.5 x Prayer

  • Keith Collyer

    Shouldn’t the second one be

    Good Works/2 = Good Works + 0.5*Prayer

  • Drakk

    Let Religion = R, Good Works = GW, Crusades = C, Slavery = S, Prayer = P

    R + GW = GW + C + S
    subtract GW: R = C + S, QED

    GW/2 = GW + P/2

    Multiply through by 2: GW = 2GW + P
    Subtract 2GW: -GW = P

    Then P = -GW, QED

  • Drakk


    Given !good == bad, let Good = G, Bad = B,

    then B = -G

    P = -GW P = BW

  • Anonymous

    We don’t have forged mathematical treatises attributed to famous mathematicians in antiquity for a reason: Nobody could pull that off unless he also possessed first-rate mathematical ability and presented rigorous proofs for his theorems. You just can’t bullshit mathematicians in their own field.

    By contrast, any reasonably literate person could have written a gospel or a letter allegedly from one of Jesus’ apostles or from the convert Paul, and find others who would accept it as the real deal.

  • Anonymous

    The problem in the photo looks completely bogus – someone just strung some symbols together at random.

  • ff42

    Come on good people, obviously the answer is 42!