Looking for a Contributor to FriendlyAtheist Update

I will respond to everyone who writes to me about this post just to let you know I received your email.

If you don’t hear back, it’s because my friendlyatheist email is (for some reason) not working correctly. If that’s the case, please write me here.

Sorry for any confusion!

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  • Yemophil

    Hey Man, I beleve you are doing a good job… But the question is do you have enough understanding of who GOD is before carrying out what you are doing. Hope this video gives you a good understanding of who God is to you. 

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KqziOKZ4AEOr else, HELL WILL BE THE PLACE TO BE FOR YA ALL. This is not made up… It’s scientific facts of the who God is. You can ask any astrologist (NASA), any Biologist, do you own research and you will see it true. I am trying to scare you, but I’m telling you the truth because ALL GOD WANTS FROM YOU IT FOR YOU TO BELIEVE IN HIM, YIELD TO HIM AND ACCEPT THAT JESUS CHRIST IS THE LORD OF YOUR LIFE.Take care brother! 

  • And there was me thinking you just really, really didn’t like my email! 😉

  • Anonymous

    I sent you an e-mail at the first address last night, and after an hour or so I decided to re-send it to the second address just to cover my bases. If you have just been too busy today and last night to get to it (it was unlikely to have been among the first), I understand. But the “I got this” massage would be appreciated. 


  • The original link and the backup link both go to Mpromptu@gmail.com.  I have not received a confirmation email.  (sent Tue, 1 Nov 2011 01:23:27 eastern time)

  • It’s coming. Too many responses and I’ve been at work!

  • Anonymous

    Apologies for posting off-topic. Your email addy is still bouncing; it’s been 5 or more days like this!

  • I’m aware. Patheos is working on it. In any case, an email that works is listed in the post above!

  • np.  That was my second guess.