Why Does God Need Virgins So Badly?

This cartoon at God Comics starts one way…

… and it heads somewhere completely unexpected. Check out the rest of it here.

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  • Timothy Kersting

    Love the inclusion of an Anon in the virgin pool. I bet there’s far more of them off screen.

  • Misfituser

    I guess the obvious answer would be virgins wouldn’t have anything to compare him to, so they wouldn’t realize he hadn’t had any practice.

  • Jake Meador

    Funny, but I like Family Guy’s version of the same gag even more. 


  • Charles Black

    The reason why Jesus is the demigod son of god is because the Christians were copying from the Pagan religions (Greek for example with Zeus fathering Perseus with a human mother).
    Yet the Christians disown their pagan connections even though its staring them in the face.
    Intellectual dishonesty anyone?

  • Reve

    I was immediate reminded of this bit by Robin Williams (different joke, but same subject)…


    “Where are my bitches?!”
    “Here are your raisins!”


    Virgins are boring.  😛

  • Rich Wilson

    I’ve also heard that wives who die in martyrdom are lucky enough to get their husbands back.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/DJRVGKGG36KNLNMZAVT4EXOF3M Ed-words

    If they want them.

  • Rich Wilson

    so long as she has two witnesses

    (and yes, for the purists, that is an extreme simplification and there is debate within Islam, but there are cases where it takes two women to equate to the testimony of one man.  Hey, at least Muslim women can petition for a divorce, unlike their Jewish Sisters