NOVA Documentary About the Evolution vs. Intelligent Design Trial Now on YouTube

If you never had a chance to watch the brilliant NOVA episode “Judgment Day” about the trial over Intelligent Design and Creationism in Dover, Pennsylvania, it’s now up on YouTube as one feature-length movie (and not just little snippets on PBS).

Make time to watch this:

(via Why Evolution is True)

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  • Thomas Farrell

    Of course, it was *always* available for free on .

  • Parse

    But watching it for free on PBS means that you miss out on all of the hate-filled bile in the YouTube comments!  

  • Parse

    @google-a7a01d2470555e192d3470d79d0b5383:disqus  is correct – it always has been available at PBS; here is a direct link to the video.  
    That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if this got DMCA’d off of YouTube, once NOVA finds out about it.  

  • This documentary should be required viewing for school boards around the country.  Even if the evolution explanations don’t convince them (and it’s hard to imagine why not), at least it might discourage them from imposing similar legal costs on their communities.

  • Bluebury

    Aw I literally am in the middle of watching it after waiting for it from netflix!

  • Rich Wilson

    Although PBS videos aren’t available outside the US.

  • Kirbler

    I am watching it on right now. I live in Canada.

  • Rich Wilson

    ok,  I stand partly corrected.  But I’m pretty sure there is at least some PBS that isn’t globally available.  I’ve often posted things on FB, and had my Canadian friends say they tried, but could not view.

  • Annie

    OK.  Believers of ID always refer to evolution as “just a theory”.  Yet, when they were presenting ID at the trial they referred to it as a scientific theory.  We all know it is not a scientific theory, but let’s pretend for a minute that it is.  Why is it that when they attach the term “theory” to their hogwash, it is supposed to give it credibility, and yet when you attach the term theory to evolution, it doesn’t mean anything?

  • BrassMonkey

    Well thank you very much for killing 2 hours of my evening, its now 1.30 in the morning and I’m off to praise Jebus that I’ve never had to deal with that level of idiocy in person.

  • Rich Wilson

    Also recommend talk by the Judge- John E. Jones III

  • I don’t think they mean for “theory” to attach credibility to ID. I think many honestly just see both as willy-nilly ideas that lack crucial evidence. In that way, they can admit ID is weak while ignorantly believing evolution is just as weak. Notice the part in the trial where an ACLU lawyer states that ID hasn’t been tested, to which the guy replies that evolution hasn’t either and next you just see the lawyer whispering to his buddies as if going “ah crap, he got us there.”

  • Nazani14

    One of the ID people was Richard Thompson from the Thomas More Law Center.  I’m assuming that this conservative Christian center is naming after the Catholic saint  Thomas More.  The Catholic Church has accepted the TOE, including human decent from primates since the 1950s, so why are they involved in this case?  Making common cause with Baptists can only backfire of Catholics.

  • Anonymous

    It really pissed me off to see the word “atheist” used as an example of an insult flung at the families on the pro-science side. One woman said that it was “particularly offensive” to her to be called an atheist, since she was a Christian. There can be little response to that than to say “fuck you too then”. I’m glad she believed in science education enough to place herself in the spotlight in that way, but being called an atheist is no more offensive than being called a Jew or a Muslim.

    Seeing the sputtering rage of one of the creationist schoolboard members at the end was just delicious though. Very good documentary.

  • Kevin Winston

    Wow so now I’m supposed to throw all of my own knowledge out the door just because its on TV. Whether you put it on TV or not, to say that the universe is a freak chance of nature takes more faith to believe than Creation of intelligent design. Evolutionist sound smart but when they talk they never prove one argument. And they contradict themselves. Evolutionist don’t believe in intelligent design they believe in unconscious design (which is still creation by the way) and believe that nature created designs of complexity and amazing accuracy by accident (sounds like a religion to me). Wow I can’t wait for a brand new Laptop with pre-installed software to magically appear on my desk by some strange freak of nature and chance. I mean by that logic it should happen right? Because Adams, molecules, even the human brain is less complex than a laptop computer. Or maybe a laptop computer is not complex enough to happen by accident hmm….?

  • Rich Wilson

     Evolutionist don’t believe in intelligent design they believe in unconscious design (which is still creation by the way) and believe that nature created designs of complexity and amazing accuracy by accident

    Always amusing when people try to refute things not even said.  Hint: Evolution is the antithesis of ‘accident’.