An Atheist’s Thanksgiving ‘Blessing’

The Washington Post‘s On Faith section asked a number of people from difference religious groups (and a couple non-religious ones) what they would say at the Thanksgiving table.

My response is up at their site and here’s an excerpt:

Atheists have plenty to be thankful for — without the need to include anything supernatural or non-existent on our lists.

Our families. Our children. Our health. Our friends. Our careers. Our communities.

The people who enrich our lives, who challenge us, and who support us no matter what we do or believe.

We’re thankful we’re alive when the odds against us even being born are overwhelming.

The rest of the responses are here. Too much to read? Here’s a summary of all the other responses: God, God, God, Nature, God, God, Yoga. (<-- Hindu)

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  • Guest

    hahaha, I am thankfull for yoga and my yoga instructors who are not shoving anything supernatural into their class but explain the anatomical relevances.

  • Sally Snead Brown

    I am thankful for the doctors and modern medicine that cured my daughter of childhood leukemia making it possible for me to have three wonderful grandchildren as well and seeing her grow up and have a family.

  • Revyloution

    Nicely said Hemant.  I was shocked that Driscol would take the time of thanks to snipe at vegetarians.  That man is shameless.

  • Paul Reed

    It might be worth mentioning that ‘thankfulness’ (like phrases such as “oh my god”) is just an expression. It’s acknowledgement and appreciation of the good things in life, not (necessarily) actually thanking someone.

  • Curious

    Thankful towards what? I’m a little confused.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t being thankful mean that you have to be thankful to something?

  • Gordon Duffy

    no, what a strange notion.

    I’m glad I’m not being eaten by alligators. Who should I thank?

  • ed-words

    Thank your “lucky stars”.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly what I’m asking

  • Anonymous

    “Thankful” as in “glad.”  You can be glad about things in your life and for that, you can be thankful.  I’m glad that I have a wonderful family, appreciative husband, and good job.  I’m also thankful for those things.  It doesn’t have to be toward anyone or anything.

  • MariaO

    The last one is wrong. You obviously do exist so the odds for you existing is  100%. Things that have happened have probability 1. Always. As a math teacher you should know that .

  • ed-words

    You’re on the wrong blog.

  • Lauren

    Lighten up.  Poking fun with a bit of math snark on a math teacher’s blog is perfectly reasonable.  It is the most right blog to put that on if you ask me. Maybe its just missing a smiley emoticon?  That’s how I read it…

  • ed-words

    I went over to On Faith to add my $ .02. How about you?