An Atheist Snuggie

in case you’re looking for a Christmas gift for that special heathen, American Atheists is selling snuggies:

It might be comfortable, but holy crap does that picture freak me out…

In any case, at least you don’t have to go shopping anymore! (You’re welcome.)

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  • Matthew Harmer

    I think that coming out as an Atheist was easier than coming out as a Snuggie-wearer would be.  If I wore them, that is.

  • Erik Cameron

    That picture is sacrilicious

  • Oh no… i thought we agreed on no strange robes and hats for atheists, this will strengthen their argument that it IS a religion.

  • Anonymous

    Atheists just got one leg!!!???

  • Hermann o

    “sacrilicious” ? NO!

    Just weird!


  • Maybe it’s just me, but it seems a bit tacky to have household items emblazoned with corporate logos.

    Although, I prefer logos to Logos

  • I’d like to say yes, but I’ve sworn jihad on snuggies unfortunately.

  • Just one word………………. “Yuck!”

  • Rachel Duecaster

    Totally agree with Matthew…I think I’d rather stand on an overpass here in North Carolina shouting that Jesus is an imaginary friend than admit I had ever bought or worn a snuggy – which I can still honestly say I haven’t. 

  • I’d like to see PZ in one with a big pocket for Communion wafers.

  • Our movement has gotten “a leg up.”

  • Walter

    That’s fun in NC.  This has been a pretty good place for me.  Maybe it wouldn’t be advisable in South Carolina but I’ve converted quite a few North Carolinians and have arranged my life such that I don’t even run into Christians anymore.

  • rhodent

    Yes, but it depends on which part of NC you (or Rachel) are in.  Carrboro?  Nobody cares.  Raleigh?  A few rude gestures at worst.  Burgaw…not advisable, to say the least.