An Atheist Snuggie

in case you’re looking for a Christmas gift for that special heathen, American Atheists is selling snuggies:

It might be comfortable, but holy crap does that picture freak me out…

In any case, at least you don’t have to go shopping anymore! (You’re welcome.)

"Thanks, Kitty. We're still here and we're not going away, are we?"

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  • Matthew Harmer

    I think that coming out as an Atheist was easier than coming out as a Snuggie-wearer would be.  If I wore them, that is.

  • Erik Cameron

    That picture is sacrilicious

  • c8dem8nkey

    Oh no… i thought we agreed on no strange robes and hats for atheists, this will strengthen their argument that it IS a religion.

  • Anonymous

    Atheists just got one leg!!!???

  • Ed-words

    Our movement has gotten “a leg up.”

  • Hermann o

    “sacrilicious” ? NO!

    Just weird!


  • Paul Reed

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems a bit tacky to have household items emblazoned with corporate logos.

    Although, I prefer logos to Logos

  • Matthew Shepherd

    I’d like to say yes, but I’ve sworn jihad on snuggies unfortunately.

  • G Wiz

    Just one word………………. “Yuck!”

  • Rachel Duecaster

    Totally agree with Matthew…I think I’d rather stand on an overpass here in North Carolina shouting that Jesus is an imaginary friend than admit I had ever bought or worn a snuggy – which I can still honestly say I haven’t. 

  • Walter

    That’s fun in NC.  This has been a pretty good place for me.  Maybe it wouldn’t be advisable in South Carolina but I’ve converted quite a few North Carolinians and have arranged my life such that I don’t even run into Christians anymore.

  • rhodent

    Yes, but it depends on which part of NC you (or Rachel) are in.  Carrboro?  Nobody cares.  Raleigh?  A few rude gestures at worst.  Burgaw…not advisable, to say the least.

  • Ed-words

    I’d like to see PZ in one with a big pocket for Communion wafers.