The Emperor’s Not Wearing Clothes…

It’s a metaphor for all religion, really:

(Thanks to @Malice56 for the link!)

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  • Richard Wade

    Deus Ex Machina!

  • FilipinoFreethinkers

    Deus sexy machina.

  • Annie

    One would think they would have caught that during dress rehearsal.

  • Oliver Spires

    Maybe they prayed instead of doing dress rehearsal?

  • Trace


  • Yui Daoren


  • Anonymous

    At least he was wearing shorts.

  • Richard Wade

    Pay no attention to the man in front of the curtain!

  • Laurance

    Oh lordy, lordy!  This made me laugh so damn hard!  Thanks for posting this and keeping me in stitches all day.

  • Placibo Domingo

    Jesus Haynes Christ

  • Alpins
  • Alq
  • Ben Daniels

    :-(  Video removed by user.  Got another link?