This Rick Perry Ad May Be Worse Than the Last One

How offensive could a Rick Perry campaign ad be?

DarkMatter2525 takes a stab at what we might be seeing soon 🙂

During these tough economic times, when you may have lost your job or your house, I, Rick Perry, know what truly matters to you: the icky icky gay people. At this very moment, some red-blooded, vagina-lovin’ American soldier might be overseas with a sand nig… uh, terrorist in the sights of his assault rifle, only to have Poop Chute Pete sneak up the flank and take the shot. That shoulda been Vagina Vince’s kill – not Poop Shoot Pete’s. Because when it comes to killin’ towel-hea…terrorists, where you stick your giggle stick matters….It matters.

By the way, if you’re looking for a serious, honest, and reasonable response to Perry’s ad, check out this video by xxxThePeachxxx:

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  • Loved it.

  • edgar ayala
  • Lkonowe

    Sadly, it wasn’t far enough out to feel quite “Perry” enough…. Stop soft peddling and go after them non-christian, rational thinking, gay approving, Obama loving liberal, hippy queers!  O wait, hold on that… I just realised that’s me!

  • Charles Black

    The more I listen to Rick Perry talk, the less doubt there is in my mind that he is barking mad & I don’t mean it as a complement.

  • Reasongal

    Wow.  Eloquent.  Intelligent.  And “Raindancer?”  I LOVE IT!

  • Why does Rick Perry hate c-section babies so much? I mean every man who wasn’t one has touched a vagina at least once in their life… on the way out.

  • T-Rex

    Poop chute Pete and Vagina Vince?  Bwaaaahahaha! Now that’s funny.