This Bible Would Be Kinda Awesome…

Bibles get better every year, don’t they?

(Thanks to Travis for the link!)

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  • Anon

    Much, much better than what I just saw on PBS!!!

    This evening Maryland Public TV showed what they referred to as a “documentary” featuring top scholars, titled The Story of Jesus. It was a serious-sounding reenactment of the story, with serious-sounding interpretations and comments from serious-seeming folks, such as one  would encounter on the “History” channel or the various evangelical shows. My jaw dropped to the floor, crashed thru it, and is still falling. And to think that I send them money. 

    So now what I wonder is what will come next, on MPT: a “documentary” on the life of Harry Potter? of Abraham? of the angel Moroni? of Cinderella?  

    Are there well-done documentaries about atheism that PBS could be asked to show during their fundraisers?  if not, perhaps we need some.

  • Cosmos comes to mind.

  • Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch that is awesome.

  • Juby!

    The wonderful thing about public media is that they get a huge chunk if their funding from listeners. If you tell them you’re upset, and they know you’re a donor who could possibly pull their contribution, they are very likely to listen.

  • Gibson1979

    Jesus existed, he was real, Its well documented,why is it that atheist FLIPOUT when pbs shows a Christian perspective? I disagree with alot of thier programming and Im not being a baby. And you say Christians are close minded!

  • So… where’s this “documentation” of Jesus’ life? (The Gospels and Apocrypha don’t count, as they were written a good 50-100 years (or more) after Jesus’ crucifixion.)

  • I saw “A Brief History of Disbelief” on PBS a few years ago.