nakedpastor: Divine Intervention

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David Hayward runs the blog nakedpastor as a graffiti artist on the walls of religion where he critiques religion… specifically Christianity and the church. He also runs the online community The Lasting Supper where people can help themselves discover, explore and live in spiritual freedom.

  • onefuriousllama

    God doesn’t LIE! Sometimes you just don’t understand the answer! Erm, or something.

  • The Captain

    Type your comment here.God Answers Prayers Of Paralyzed Little Boy | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

  • The Captain
  • Erik Cameron

    Clearly if you made the sign ahead of time you didn’t have faith. Question answered.

  • Some_evil_kitty

    Browsing the Onion, I found this. I feel it’s appropriate.
    Hitch’s badassery will never be forgotten.,26890/ 

  • Anonymous

    “God has a plan for you”


    “God works in mysterious way”

  • Nazani14

    “God answers prayers, and sometimes the answer is “no.””

    Don’t know who I’m quoting here, and hope to never hear anything else that comes out of their mouth.