The FFRF Sign Made Him Smile

Reader Erin lives in Madison, Wisconsin and took her son William to the Capitol building so they could see the FFRF sign. Turns out he’s a fan :)

See? The truth doesn’t have to be scary!

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  • Andrew Pfaff

    Madison is great 😀

  • Anonymous

    Kid is smiling because mommy is watching. If the child can read “superstition”, let alone understand what it means, I’d be hugely impressed.

    *grumble, grumble, still hate the sign*

    Very cute kid though.

  • Rich Wilson

    Sign?  What sign?

  • Jay

    In the southern hemisphere it’s the summer solstice. :-)

  • Ani Sharmin

    Awww.  So cute.

  • ctcss

    The kid is adorable. But I can’t believe the last line on the sign. It has the flavor of a bitter rant by someone who survived a really bad marriage and is down on all marriages as a consequence, not realizing that it was their marriage that was horrible, not necessarily everyone else’s.  The first part of the sign is OK, because it offers an honest statement of non-belief. However, they should really rethink that last line.

  • Marcie ‘Miller’ Spence

    So cute. Wish my husband was atheist but he isn’t.  I promised to let him raise our daughters with religion, lucky he doesn’t like going to church and at 13 and 11 they are thinking critically and asking good questions.