Another Reason Why OKCupid Is Awesome

Free dating website OKCupid is celebrating its “12 Days of Atheist Matches” (I’m sure they do the same for non-atheists, too) and this is the email one friend received 🙂

Gotta love a company that has a sense of humor about this stuff.

(Thanks to Jackie for the image!)

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  • Bob

    That’s better than last year’s. I was getting very irritated when they would send these to me with a message saying ”
    You guys will have so much in common not to talk about.”

  • Sesoron

    The first one I got this year hadn’t answered any of the matching questions, so there was very little metric for judging. Bit of a shaky start.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    “Eat glue”? What is that a reference to? Lutefisk?

  • Synergy

    Yeah, I don’t get it either. I did a search for it, but couldn’t find any explanation…

  • Anonymous

    It sounds like just a straight up stab at the intelligence of the religious, eh? To say someone eats glue when I was growing up always meant you thought they were an idiot.

  • Licking stamps and envelopes, I guess…

  • I met my super awesome fellow atheist fiance on OKC. 🙂

  • Julie Stecker

    The one for Christians said, “Jesus is the reason for the season. And that’s why we’re emailing you right now, because his settings are set to ’email all my followers.’ Here are your Christmas matches.”

  • Celeste

     That’s what it has always meant when I hear it, too. And when I remembered that OKCupid recently compared the writing level of their users to their religious preferences, it particularly made sense.

  • SO IT REALLY WORKS??? I have hope after all!!! LOL