Fibonacci Is Pretty Amazing

And Vi Hart is amazinger:

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  • Rich Wilson


  • starskeptic

    I would buy those pine-cones…

  • Jesterkatz0

    Can’t wait for her to do fractals.

  • Rich Wilson
  • Carla

    Wish I’d been taught math in a visual way, I might have liked and understood it- very cool.

  • Yes, most mathematicians see and understand the concepts visually.  It is a shame that the math educators don’t all take advantage of visual ways of teaching and testing. 

  • Parse

    If I thought they’d actually watch it, I’d forward this to all those people who look at me funny when I say there actually is art in math.

  • MDSD

    Love Vi Hart’s videos!

  • Powerpoppat

    I’m scared.  I understood EVERYTHING that viseo had to offer.  Somebody hold me…..

  • Anonymous

    I am by no means a math geek… and this was amazing.  Truly amazing.  My hubby had talked to me about Fibonacci spirals but this just cemented it visually.  Very cool!

  • Former Thumper

    Is it weird that I now want a slugcat?

  • Anonymous

    I could never understand why some people claim that science takes all the wonder and awe out of the world. This video is wonderfully awesome!