An Ex-Mormon Husband and Wife Explain Why They Left the LDS Church

Over at Mormon Stories, there’s a compelling story of a husband and wife who left the Mormon church after many years:

In this episode we interview John and Brooke McLay. John served for 14 years as an employee of the LDS Church Education System (CES). In this capacity he served as: a seminary teacher and principal, an institute teacher and director, a BYU Education Week speaker and an EFY Director. John also served as a member of a stake high council, and was serving in a bishopric during the months leading up to his decision to leave the LDS Church. John and Brooke resigned their membership of the LDS Church in August of 2011. This is their story.

There are four parts and each of them is nearly 1.5 hours long. I had watched a few clips but not the entire thing. Still, Part 3 discusses John McLay’s decision to resign and Part 4 is called “How the LDS Church Education System (CES) Harms the Church and Its Members”:

Reader Chris writes:

While John McLay is not strictly an atheist (though he appears to be considering that option) I wanted to bring your attention to the story of his family because it’s a heartbreaking example of the suffering many people face when they publicly renounce their faith…

The McLays have also endured considerable financial difficulties upon quitting the church (and John his job). They have foreclosed on their house and John is still struggling to find employment.

If any of you have been through the situation before, or you see any parts you think we should all watch, please leave your thoughts (or the relevant timestamps) in the comments.

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