Young Atheist Activists Speak in Alabama

If you weren’t able to go to the Southeastern Collegiate Atheist Alliance (SECAA) and Alabama Atheists & Agnostics (AAA) event this weekend, you missed hearing some great young activists: Jessica Ahlquist, JT Eberhard, and Duncan Henderson.

I think Gordon Maples‘ introduction of Jessica is perfect:

Some say that she’s an ‘Evil Little Thing‘… and I think that’s all I really have to say.

Duncan spoke about the group he began at his junior high school:

At some point, I assume JT‘s video will be up as well 🙂

If there are any particular moments that stand out, please leave the time stamps in the comments! (e.g. “At 8:37, Duncan talks about…”)

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  • Lemoore3

    Sometime soon for the JT and Q&A videos. We’re trying! 😀

  • Keith Collyer

    When I see the sort of crap the likes of Jessica get thrown at them, I almost wish I were christian so I would at least have the comfort of knowing the crap throwers would burn in hell for eternity.

  • Video recording person/editor here: The JT and Q&A videos will be up later this week. I was hoping for yesterday but I did spend 9 hours editing and do have engineering classes :p I’ll be sure to let people know when they are online.