nakedpastor: We Both Go Down Together

"The law is telling someone they cannot kill their unborn child... such laws are moral."

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  • Joe Mosfet

    The only difference between the two tombstones I see is at the bottom of the P – looks like another period made it in there.

  • Anna

    It’s fascinating to see the progression of David Hayward’s cartoons. His belief system certainly seems to be evolving. Looking at this one, it seems as though he’s questioning the existence of an afterlife, since both the dead believer and the dead atheist have ended up in the same place: the cemetery.

  • Gavin Millar

    Damn, I think you might be onto something there!

  • Erp

    Except this is one of the older ones. 

  • ludovico

    Umm…R.I.P. for atheists-?? Doesn’t “Rest In Peace” mean that one’s soul [god willing] will have eternal rest in heaven-?

  • ludovico

    Umm…R.I.P. for atheists-?? Doesn’t “Rest In Peace” mean that one’s soul [god willing] will have eternal rest in heaven-?

  • Anonymous

    The phrase or initialism is commonly found on the grave of Catholics,
    as it is derived from their burial service  in which the following
    prayer is said: 

     (May his soul and the souls of all the departed faithful by
    mercy rest in peace).

    “Rest in peace” is a prayer that the
    deceased may rest peacefully, not in torment, while awaiting Judgment
    Day.  Catholics believe that the soul is parted from the body upon death, but that the soul and
    the body will be reunited on Judgement Day. 

  • TheBlackCat

    Or it could mean that’s one mind has eternal rest by not doing anything anymore.

    As for heaven being restful, being shoved with millions of people under a chair and singing forever doesn’t sound all that restful, but that’s me.

  • Jeremy Witteveen

    This wins as the most awkward headline of the day. 

  • Liz Heywood

    It’s like the joke, “What do you call alternative medicine that works?: Medicine.” This is, “What’s the difference between a dead atheist and a dead believer? Nothing.” ; )

  • Taxihorn

    We don’t have the language appropriate to discuss non-existence. We don’t even have the experience of non-existence to help with the imagining of non-existence. But what I am able to say, is that if I don’t exist, I won’t be there to rest, sleep, dream, or care about the pros and cons of not existing, so I’m not worried.