nakedpastor: A New Kind of Bible Theme Park

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  • Marlo Rocci

    Can we have “Lot and his daughters”?

  • Anonymous

    Why not? Lot did.

  • A Portlander

    I wasn’t familiar with a couple of these. If you aren’t, either: (divorcing the “strange wives”) (Aninias & Sapphira)

  • Rebecca M

    Ha ha, this is funny… but so is driving past the Holy Land Experience in Orlando! Think the temple with lots of search lights. Google it, it has a website, and be prepared to laugh.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, I remember this place from Religulous. Although reading their Wikipedia page I see that they had some trouble with taxes until “state lawmakers passed a law in 2006 granting a tax exemption for theme parks that display, exhibit, illustrate and interpret biblical manuscripts.”

    Someone ought to let Disney etc. know about that. Could save a lot of money.

  • Rebecca M

    All I know is that every time we drive by my husband and I make snarky cracks about animatronic jesuses and god being a free-market capitalist. TBN gives us the giggles a lot.

  • derka derka allah jihad

    How about the “Please, gentlemen, rape and murder my daughter and this other woman before fucking this random dude in his ass” park?