Don’t Ever Let the Comment Trolls Bring You Down…

From the New Yorker:

(“But that doesn’t apply to *my* site,” said bloggers everywhere…)

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  • onefuriousllama

    LOL! And that’s the god’s own truth. (Yes, I know this is comment. Damnit.)

  • Brian Macker

    Can’t do what? Comment? Wouldn’t that be the ones who don’t comment? Is this supposed to be a blogger making the statement about his critics in the comments? Well then to him I retort, “Those who can’t do blog”.

  • TerranRich

    It’s a parody of the phrase “Those who can’t, teach,” meaning those who can’t [do something], teach [about doing it].

  • Brian Macker

    No kidding.   Neither trolls, commenters, non-commenters, or bloggers are “doing”.    Never liked that phrase in the first place.

  • Alex

    Y so serious?

  • Brian Macker

    Those who can’t do comic.

  • TerranRich

    Hah, I’m one of those who CAN, and who also comment. To see my “can do” attitude, click my name. So there! 😉

  • Richard Wade

    Thank you for this, Hemant. We’ve had quite a swarm of trolls lately.

    Don’t feed trolls. If you consider someone a troll, and you let yourself get suckered into a long, bickering tit-for-tat, it becomes difficult to distinguish you from the troll. Eventually you’re doing the same infantile thing, distracting the discussion away from the topic, and focusing attention on you and the other troll.  Let them have their stupid last word.  Nobody is impressed by their “repartee” except themselves.  Ignore narcissists and they eventually go away.

  • BinaryStar

    “We’ve had quite a swarm of trolls lately.”
    I’ve noticed that. It’s almost like a concerted effort.

  • Alex

    Probably some religion-themed forum’s version of pharyngulation.

  • Alex

    I thought of that, too, but there seemed to be a number of legitimate inquiries from religious folks. Answering questions from believers — isn’t that the “friendly” part? :)

    That being said, +1 on not feeding trolls.

  • Richard Wade

    I’ve enjoyed the influx of sincere dialogue with believers.  We’ve had both Christian and atheist trolls. It’s their consistent antagonism just for its own sake, and their effect of degrading the civil atmosphere of the blog that qualifies them as trolls.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not tr–  Hold it….

  • Michael

    Bah, come under my bridge and say that!

    (No, wait, wrong type of troll)

  • Anonymous

    All those who cannot comment, blog.

  • bismarket

    Maybe if you all found Jesus………too soon?

  • Anonymous

    Not necessarily true, but it does seem to be the general trend.