Foundation Beyond Belief is Coming to Australia…

With nearly a quarter million dollars raised for secular causes over the past two years, the Foundation Beyond Belief is growing quickly — and we’re about to expand to another country altogether:

The way our 501(c)(3) status works, we can only fund charities based in the United States (regardless of what they do). This is a chance to expand that reach:

Humanists in Australia are now moving from questions to action, working rapidly to establish an FBB Australia. Though based on the same model and sharing our brand and name, the new foundation will be governed independently and will focus on Australia-based charities and members.

“Foundation Beyond Belief is an idea whose time has come in Australia,” says Avi Chapman, lead organizer of the effort. “Aussies are both generous and secular — a perfect fit for the Foundation. We’re very excited to be working to bring this concept to fruition down under.”

If you’d like to stay informed about the progress of FBB Australia, you can sign up for updates here!

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  • Robster

    Fanbloody tastic! At last Aussies atheists can do their bit and start the long flog of reclaiming the good neighbour mantle.

  • You little bewdy! Given FBB’s success in the USA, I’m really looking forward to getting behind this (morally and financially).

  • Psyguy

    Don’t forget New Zealand!

  • Cdamain

    Beyond Belief couldn’t come to Australia soon enough for me!  Great news!